Cox & Co

Cox & Co


Cox & Co. is a home appliances company that sought our help to execute an SEO strategy that would increase their monthly revenue and raise them to the level of a recognised name in their niche. Cox & Co. had a very clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish. They had a strong brand identity, but needed more online visibility.


After understanding their SEO issues, our in-house SEO team developed a strategy to help Cox & Co. achieve these goals. By creating an action plan, dedicating a knowledgeable team of professional webmasters, and focusing on specific keywords that were relevant to their products and services, they were able to turn around their rankings in the blink of an eye.

Our SEO Methods, including keyword research, local SEO, conversion rate optimisation, and voice optimisation, helped push Cox & Co. up the search engine rankings.


After 3 month of working with our team of SEO specialists, Cox & Co. was able to propel to the top of their market with a 105.8% increase in traffic and brought in 30% more monthly revenue.

What Cox & Co. had to say:

Our sincere thanks to the SEO Brighton team for helping our company to increase its sales. They’ve helped us reach our growth targets using a combination of their SEO best practice combined with their specialist marketing skills and know-how. We have no qualms about recommending them to anyone, including those who are more experienced in the field.

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