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Is your business website not as successful and effective as it should be?

Open the door to new business opportunities with SEO Brighton copywriting services. We help businesses across Brighton gain more online customers and generate more sales through perfectly written content that campaigns for your products.


Our copywriters are fully qualified and experienced, and together we will develop your SEO strategy to include the perfect blend of high-quality content and engaging web writing.

Accurate, engaging content is a vital component of the digital marketing mix. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of selling your product through writing. It is similar to sales writing but focused on describing the benefits of a product rather than just the features.

Whether you need a simple flyer to promote your business, an online-exclusive product description for an e-commerce site, or an appeal for donations or memberships designed to go out to thousands of people, we can give you exactly what you need.

Why is copywriting important for businesses?

Copywriting helps to target the right audience

Copywriting is the art of writing texts to sell a product or service. Copywriting services are needed by many businesses as they help tailor their communications to the needs of their target audience.

This improves the impact a business can have on its customers because it is geared towards their particular interests and concerns.

Build your brand image through effective copy

Imagine your business with a new website or brochure. Your brand is more than what you sell. In fact, an effective copy can build your brand image. The aim of all copy is to persuade – and here at SEO Brighton, we create words that achieve results.

Choosing the right words and crafting them in a way that connects you with your audience is what copywriting is all about. The success of your business depends on your ability to create impactful copy, and our professional writers can help.

A unique insight into the audience’s frame of mind

Copywriting has become important because customers make decisions based on their needs, wants, and problems. Each product or service must be presented in a manner that caters to the specific needs of the audience.

To help a potential customer understand your product or service, SEO Brighton offers copywriting services for businesses and expert companies. Copywriting is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and SEO Brighton promises to provide you with a unique insight into the audience’s frame of mind, which will create superior content for your strategy.

Copywriting boost your sales

Copywriting is the advertisement or promotion of products and services through credible means. Copywriting may not be at the forefront of most businesses’ to-do lists but it should be. Copywriting improves sales and conversions and allows a business to show off its expertise.

Besides, copywriting for businesses has a long history as a way to tell customers about their products and services. Use copywriting to promote your business online in online marketplaces.

Copywriting builds emotional bonds between brand and customer

Copywriting is one of the best forms of marketing your business will receive. Copywriting builds emotional bonds between brand and customer by ensuring that every word you write is leading to social interaction, and increasing sales, referrals and loyalty.

Our copywriters will help you create the best messaging for your business, product or service, helping you get ahead of your competition and stand out from the crowd.

Who we are

We are SEO Brighton, a  lead generation site based in Brighton, Sussex. We are a professional SEO copywriting service offering packages of content writing in plain English for small businesses and individuals looking to promote their products on the internet.

The main benefit of our SEO copywriting service is that search engines can read it, understand it and then add it to your website’s online visibility. We aim to provide text that flows well, engages the readers and informs them about a product or service.

SEO Services

  • 01Keyword Research
  • 02Local SEO
  • 03Natrual Language (NLP)
  • 04Intent Based SEO
  • 05Tech SEO Audit
  • 06Topic Analysis

Our copywriting services

Blog posts

SEO Brighton provides a blog posts service. We write regularly about any and every topic you would like, and our writers love to research niche categories.

We guarantee to make your blog posts more engaging and more eye-catching so that Google will actually notice you, readers will visit your blog and care about what you have to offer.


Our professional writers work to the highest quality standards. Our copywriting service is able to deliver high-quality, well thought out articles that are guaranteed to give you an edge in the search results. We can either write new content for your website or create content with a link back to one of your web pages.

Landing pages

With our landing pages, you don’t just get top-quality service, but a great deal too. From now on your competitors will be working harder than ever to maintain their market share, as you drive more sales, leads and enquiries from your website.’

White papers

White papers are an essential part of many B2B sales proposals. With a well-written, informative paper, a company can meet multiple goals at once by educating its prospective customers about its offerings, products and services.

The process of writing white papers is also a great way to share information about a business with interested customers.

Product descriptions

These are the pages that you can add to your website to entice people into buying your product or service. The right product description can help people decide to buy. You have just a moment to make an impression.

We will craft a copy that highlights the benefits and not the features. Our copy will compel people to buy your products.

Press releases

Our press release service is a unique and interesting way to get your website noticed by a wide variety of media outlets, including blogs, newspapers, magazines and even TV stations. We write all press releases in the first person, which is becoming increasingly popular for online marketing campaigns.

Sales pages

Do you need your sales page read in seconds by Google? Is it hard for you to make sales on your website? Do your customers rush by your calls to action? If so, we can help.

Our copywriting services help you create high-converting sales pages and websites that get more customers. We know exactly how to sell your products or services so that customers buy from you first before they take a look anywhere else.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 1273 424 004 or email us via to discuss your needs!

Our testimonials

“Just to say a big thank you for the work you did on my website. For me writing is close to impossible, I can read and understand English easily enough but putting it into words that others would be able to relate to is very difficult. So I was very happy when I found your service and even happier now when I have had fantastic feedback from friends and customers about how great the web looks. Once again thank you very much :)”

“SEO Brighton was recommended to us by a friend and we are very grateful to them for the introduction. We were overwhelmed with work and had been struggling to keep up with the high volume of emails, telephone calls, social media messages and SEO work. We met with the team and discussed what was needed. They listened carefully and asked intelligent questions about how we operated and our business targets. After careful consideration, they proposed a plan which we accepted. Now our sales copy sells like crazy. We highly recommend SEO Brighton.”

“I’ve worked with other copywriters but SEO Brighton makes the whole process simple and straightforward. They’ve helped me formulate my new website, flyers, brochures and email campaigns. Their copy has increased our enquiry rate and improved our branding overall.”

How we make copywriting work for you

We make every word count

We are obsessed with great copy. Every word counts. With SEO Brighton, you’ll discover that great content sells your service far more effectively than simple adverts ever can.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or keep up with the competition, our copywriters craft every word with care. We use clear and concise writing that gets straight to the point and is perfect for on-screen reading.

We write copy that sells

Copywriting is not an exact science; we always work around you, your brand and your message to create quality content. We know how to appeal to the most important parts of a website visitor’s mind; to influence them to take action.

We get up-close and personal with your audience, testing their response to blog posts, emails and social media shares. We deliver the results your business wants.

We make sure your headlines are captivating and impactful

Writing great content doesn’t happen by accident. And copywriting is our speciality… whether it’s a brochure, website or e-brochure, newsletter or a series of whitepapers, we’ll create a compelling story to match your brand image and achieve your target market’s needs.

We realise the importance of having captivating and impactful headlines, which is why our writers write headlines from scratch. No matter what type of copywriting service you need, we know you want your copy to be engaging.

We keep it simple and irresistible

Our copywriters have all the hard skills to create compelling web content, search engine friendly copywriting, press releases and user-friendly marketing material. But what really sets us apart is how we keep it simple and attractive for your target audience.

We use plain English that any potential customer can understand and apply to their website, blog or other online media. Plus we want you to love our work so much you tell everyone about it.

We understand your target audience

The ability to sell to and understand your customers is the key to all marketing. We will market your business to people who want to hear from you, not to those who are already aware of your offer.

With a clear understanding of your target audience, we can create copy that will give you maximum impact on the people who matter most.

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Why choose SEO Brighton for your copywriting services?

Easy to work with

The SEO Brighton team are not only skilled and experienced but also friendly, highly professional and committed to the client’s work. That’s why clients generally find us easy to work with.

And that’s because our team of writers know how important it is to get the writing done quickly and always respond on time, providing you with the information you need and working with you to get any changes made. We also know how important it is to our clients that they don’t have to wait a long time for their new content, which is why we write the majority of our content using proven software. This means that you can ask us for something like web content one day, and have it by the end of the next.


At SEO Brighton, we’re customer-focused. That’s why we’ll make sure that we take your digital marketing campaign to the next level with our expert copywriting services.

We can help you gain an advantage over your competitors by writing expert content for your website, blog or other promotional brochures and ads.


SEO Brighton has been delivering results for business in Brighton, Sussex and the surrounding areas for many years. We have a proven track record, with solid experience in SEO and content marketing.

Our friendly professional staff will listen to your business with fresh new eyes and get to work creating compelling and effective copy that converts visitors into customers.

Team of expert writers

The team at SEO Brighton has the ability to write with a voice that speaks directly to your audience, while also being able to create content that is engaging and informative.

With a team based in Brighton, Sussex, you can be sure that your copy will include language and terms that will resonate with your intended audience, building trust and converting your readers into customers.

100% unique and original content

With SEO Brighton you’ll get content that is 100% unique and original. Our writers are all UK-based, native speakers too. We never outsource our writing, and the native level of English in our writing will always be rock solid.

Competitive prices

SEO Brighton is a complete SEO copywriting service and a friendly, personal agency. We work with businesses, marketing agencies and individuals to boost their search engine rankings using sound SEO copywriting principles.

We offer competitive prices, with no hidden fees such as set up fees. And you will be working with a qualified, experienced team of copywriters who will be speaking directly with you – not an advisor or salesperson.

Brands That Trust Us

Ready to make your brand stand out?

The right words will make your business grow. If you use SEO Brighton copywriting services, it will not only target your audience but also help in product development. With our quality services, you will be able to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Call 1273 424 004 or email us via to get started with us today!


Is copywriting services beneficial to my business?

Yes. Copywriting services builds a competitive edge for your business. It works on the premise that content is king and a well-written piece of copy will bring about more traffic towards your website.

Relevant, original and unique copy in equal proportion is beneficial for any business; it builds your brand’s credibility amongst your potential customers and makes you go standout amongst all competitors.

Your writers create content, but whose copyright does it belong to?

All copy produced by SEO Brighton is owned by the client. Neither party may resell it in whole or part without written permission from the other, excluding the use of individually rewritten sentences to correspond to a specific keyword.

Are you able to do research on my company and industry?

Yes. We perform research on clients’ companies and industries to ensure that we understand the goals and needs of the company we are working with to produce the best possible results from SEO. This research lets us to develop specific strategies based on the individual needs of the client.

Are images included in your website content?

No. We do not include images in our website content. However, we’d be delighted to provide you with free stock images as part of your content writing services, helping you bring your content to life if you want.

Would you be able to make changes if I did not like what the copywriter wrote?

We guarantee the copy we produce and know that changes, edits and tweaks will need to be done if you’re not satisfied with the tone or flow of the copy. This is why we have a free revision round included in the cost of the project, so you can amend your content, if necessary, until it is perfect.

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