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Every second your website takes to load is another missed opportunity for your business to gain a new customer. When your website runs slow, visitors will leave to find a site that loads fast.

Increase Your Website Speed and Boost Traffic

Years of research shows that there is a direct correlation between how fast a visitor can get to your site and how much money you make. The faster your site loads, the less likely they are to click away, and the more likely you are to make money.

SEO Brighton speed optimisation service is a very efficient and reliable optimization service. We specialise in providing speed optimisation services for some of the biggest and best-known companies to ensure their websites start performing at their very best.


Not only can we improve your website’s speed but we can diagnose and fix any issues that might be holding back your website and cause you to lose customers and sales.

Our Brighton, Sussex based team of web experts will ensure your site is as quick to load as is possible. Whether you have an eCommerce site, a content-rich blog, or simply want your company website to load faster – our team can get it done.

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What is Speed Optimisation?

Website Speed Optimisation is the process of analysing and improving a website’s performance and speed, and ultimately your website’s user experience.

Websites that are slow or that provide a poor user experience lose visitors; as a result, e-commerce businesses lose sales and search engines stop listing them high in search engine rankings.

Therefore, delivering web pages faster is increasingly important for user experience, search engine ranking and conversion rates.

Why Should You Optimise Your Website Speed?

Improved user experience

Speed matters. It’s been proven that website visitors who perceive a page to load faster are more likely to stay on the website longer and become regular visitors. If you want to keep up with the competition and to improve user experience, you need to invest in testing and optimizing every individual page of your website.

People are busy and if they have to wait around for a page to load then they could click off your site in minutes. Optimised websites not only load faster but are also considered more user-friendly and engaging.

Enhanced SERP positioning

To increase your website’s usability for end-users and to make it easier for search engines to crawl it, you must optimise your site speed. Site speed is a ranking signal that is emphasised more than ever before in Google’s search algorithm.

A website that loads faster is not just about the experience of the user but also ensures that you are able to rank better with search engines like Google. If your site loads faster, the search engine will view it as an improved site and give you more of a boost than a site with the same content that takes longer to load.

Increases conversion rate and sales

Speed is crucial for usability, and notable increases in conversion and revenue have been observed by our clients who have invested to speed their websites. Slower sites are less usable. No one likes to wait and slower pages increase user frustration. Users who encounter slow pages are more likely to go elsewhere.

By increasing the speed of your website, you can increase your conversion rate and make more sales.  A slower website encourages the abandonment of carts and fewer purchases or sign-ups per visitor. A faster load speed results in more sales, which can quickly recoup any development costs.

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Your Page Load Speed May Be Slowing You Down

A page is considered slow if it takes longer than three seconds to load. It doesn’t seem like much, but the average consumer has a very short attention span. Speed is a competitive advantage. Users expect pages to load quickly and will abandon those that don’t. And search engines may also give lower rankings to sites that aren’t optimised for speed. How fast does your page load?

You may wish to consider how often your site requires the use of uncompressed images, how often javascript is used, and whether there are multiple http requests for files. All of these can result in poor site performance and therefore a lower page load speed score.

A fast website is essential to conversion. Our speed optimisation solutions have helped clients of different sizes in different industries to dramatically increase the page load speed for their websites and have resulted in increased sales and conversion. We can do the same for you, speak to our friendly team or phone [1273 424 004] to request a quote today!

Does Site Speed Really Affect User Experience and Conversion?

While Google Webmaster Tools officially support site speed as a ranking factor, there are many other studies that show that site speed has a great impact on user experience and conversion.

Site speed is a key influencer of site performance. A site’s page load time has a direct impact on various user experience metrics, such as bounce rate, average session duration, customer satisfaction and conversions. Google, as well as other search engines themselves, have introduced various site speed-related signals into their ranking algorithms.

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Why Is Your Website Not Loading Fast?

Unoptimised Images

Websites with images that are not optimized can affect the loading speed of pages and the overall user experience. They can also affect crawl rate, load rate and other ranking factors in a negative way. Improperly sized images show up all over the web.

Squinting at an image to determine its size creates a poor user experience and a poor first impression. So what is an improperly sized image? An image that is either too large or too small for the intended use will cause each page to load slower than necessary.

JavaScript Issues

JavaScript issues can be detrimental to a fast loading website and to the success of your business. Is your site slow? Do you notice that text is not rendering properly and pictures are missing or flashing?

These are just some signs of JavaScript issues. It is very important to ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible, otherwise you might lose customers, even if you have great products and services for sale.

Excessive HTTP Requests

It’s likely that your website is slow due to excessive HTTP requests. As your page loads, the browser needs to make separate requests for all of the images, font files and style sheets that are embedded in the webpage.

A high number of these requests will cause a problem with your site’s speed. There is a limit to how many requests a web browser can make. When the number goes over, the browser slows down and can even crash.

Not Making Use of Caching Techniques

Caching is a technique used by websites to ensure that content is delivered to a visitor from a local Web server if the visitor has already visited that page within a given time frame. Your website is not loading fast because you do not have a caching technique in place.

Regardless of your web host, the caching system should be implemented on your website. It will speed up the load time of each page on your website and boost your SEO in the process.

Not Using gZIP Compression

gZIP compression technology is a method for reducing the size of HTML, CSS and Javascript files by approximately 90% without noticeably decreasing their quality. The result is faster load times, efficient downloads and quicker page responses.

gZIP shrinks file sizes and makes downloads faster by reducing the number of bits necessary to store a file, as well as increasing download speed by enabling computers that use modems to upload and download data at a higher rate.

Too Many Ads

Ads can be annoying, distracting, and sometimes even harmful. If you are experiencing problems with the loading speed of a particular website, then there is a high chance that it is from an ad. The more ads on a page (regardless if they’re relevant or not), the longer it takes for them to load.

Every millisecond lost in page load time can cost you, customers. Too many ads can slow down your site load speed, affecting your users’ overall experience. In extreme cases, it can make your site freeze or crash.

Not Using a CDN Service

Websites can become jammed with information, slowing all aspects of their load times. Rich media such as images can take time to pull from the database, and scripts can cause browsers to wait when pulling files from a server.

Not using a CDN service is one of the most common mistakes website owners and designers make. A content delivery network (CDN) dramatically speeds up the load times of your pages and speeds up your site overall. By using a CDN, every user request is fulfilled by local servers which are close to them, thus making a much faster experience for all of your visitors.

Bad Hosting

One of the first things to look at when your website does not load fast is your hosting provider. A lot of people may tell you that your theme/plugin loads slowly, but it is more likely due to the server location your site is hosted on.

Your website is running on a poor web hosting service, which is slow and unreliable and does not have enough bandwidth to host your website. This means your visitors won’t be happy with the time it takes them to load your pages and may decide not to visit you again.

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What Do Seo Brighton Website Speed Optimisation Services Focus On?

Speed Optimisation service at SEO Brighton is focused on helping you to get better rankings in Google which typically come alongside more traffic and conversion leads.

We are results-driven SEO specialists. Our focus is to generate more visibility, higher quality traffic and increased sales for our clients through organic search engine optimisation strategies, including speeding up your website loading speed.

The SEO Brighton team utilise a variety of tools at their disposal to help drive more potential customers to your site. We’re not just service providers, we’re also solution providers. Our proven methodology drives our optimisation services to result in a set of sustainable optimisation results – month after month.

We are here to help you optimise your website for optimum results. Call us now on 1273 424 004.

What our customers say:

The SEO Brighton speed optimisation service increased my site’s Google ranking by over 87% in the space of just 4 months. No other agency has been able to do this and has actually done what they have promised. If you want the search engine positions that they advertise, this is the place to get them.

The work SEO Brighton did for my client was great, they took their time to make sure that I was happy and understood everything. The price for starting the website speed optimisation service was very reasonable. If you need your website optimised then this is the company to go with, thanks again SEO Brighton, what an incredible job well done!

The SEO Brighton team made extensive changes to my website and it has had a big effect on the number of people who have clicked on my products and it has led to a big increase in sales. I would recommend the SEO Brighton agency to anyone who wants to be number one in Google and make more money.

It is almost impossible to say how much we have benefited from the SEO Brighton service. Their team has been amazing at increasing the speed and search engine ranking of our site. They are chasing all potential areas that can be improved on, not just some of them just to appease us. I highly recommend them if you’re serious about being found online.

Our Guarantee

SEO Brighton has been helping businesses with optimising their websites for over XXX years, and they’ve racked up a large selection of happy customers on their way.

Speed up your website and improve your search engine rankings with a tailored website speed optimisation service. Online optimisation for Brighton businesses – all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to Discover the Power of Lightning-Fast Website Speeds?

A fast website is a must for every business, and not just because it feels good. Your web visitors are expecting your pages to load quickly. If they have to wait, they might think you’re out of business or that your site isn’t trustworthy.

Keep your customers happy by making sure your page load speed is up to par with SEO Brighton speed optimisation service. If you are ready, we are ready. Call us on 1273 424 004 and let’s discuss how to speed up your business for success with our speed optimisation service.


How fast should a website load?

It is dependent on the amount of content a page has. Ideally, a page should load in 2 seconds or less. It’s also worth measuring how fast your competitors’ websites load. A good website should load pretty fast, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or phone.

How long does it take to optimise website speed?

The optimisation process typically takes 2-10 hours and crosses over into two consecutive business days depending on your website. We’d be able to provide a more accurate time frame once we’ve analysed your website.

Getting your site in good shape shouldn’t take long but can have a huge impact on customers. So it’s worth the effort. Please contact us via 1273 424 004 for a more accurate estimation.

Do you give a free quote?

Absolutely. While we cannot guarantee how long your website will take to be optimised, we can offer a free and non-obligatory quote on its speed optimisation package.

Our typical process for delivering our speed optimisation package includes gathering information about your business, discussing your internet marketing needs and optimising your site’s speed.

We will also offer recommendations on how you can improve your marketing campaign, including things like improving conversion rates and increasing sales figures.

What type of businesses do you work with?

We offer our website speed optimisation to businesses across all industries. SEO Brighton is for businesses that need their website to be faster so they can experience an increase in organic search traffic.

By speeding up the page load speed your site becomes more satisfying to search engines, and the more satisfying a website is for search engines, the higher your rankings will be.

Can only fast loading speed get me ranked on Google’s first page?

No, not all. A lot of people out there have fast loading websites but they are not ranked on Google’s first page and you don’t need to be an SEO specialist to understand it. The biggest flaw with this assumption is that it only focused on one aspect of improving your SERP ranking performance which is the page speed.

Google uses a myriad of factors to determine which pages it will rank on the first page, and fast load time is only one of them. However, it is a significant factor and if your site doesn’t load quickly, it will hamper your efforts to rank well in search engines.

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