This may seem like a daunting question and you are probably asking yourself what do I have to do in order to get on Google search engine? There are a lot of things that you as a webmaster need to do so your site gets listed high on the search engine ‘’ and other search engines.

You must have heard about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. Maximising Google’s search engine algorithm is a goal of most website owners. The intent is that search engines will rank their sites higher than those of competitors, helping them to drive more qualified traffic to their websites and capturing more sales leads.

Here are simple tips that will help you to get your website ranking on Google search engine. Using the following techniques you should be able to rank your website without breaking your budget.

Publish Relevant Content

Content is the key element for getting ranked on search engines. In addition to helping your readers learn something new, the content you publish on your site will also help search engines determine what your site is about by using specific words.

Relevant, good quality content that’s written for humans–not just search engines–will increase traffic and make it easier to rank well in search results. This will help increase your chances of appearing on the first page of results when someone searches for one of those terms.

Have a Link-worthy Site

When your site content is link-worthy, Google will find it and display it highly in the search results. Adding links of other sites to your own is a key component of SEO. Link-worthy sites are built by using the core components that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine relevance: accurate, trustworthy content and pages with strong internal linking.

Update Your Content Regularly

The key to getting your site ranking on Google’s search engine is to optimize your content pages very often on your site. Your web content shouldn’t be static and your Google rankings shouldn’t be either.

Google has already released a statement saying that they prioritise websites which show consistent updates to their content. For most businesses, this means new blog posts or updated products and services will keep your website fresh in Google’s results. By doing this, you will make changes to your content that is helpful for Google’s spiders to index.

If you want to be considered an authority on your topic or niche, it’s beneficial to have a successful website consistently being referenced. Developing great content will help build trust among users and help your site rank in search engines.

Review and Update Your Metadata

Simply put, metadata is information about your web pages. For example, web page meta tags are info that’s stored within your website and which you can use to describe what the page is about. The most important are title and description. These explain what a page is about in plain English (specifically, in HTML) when a user searches Google for the page’s title.

It’s important to keep these elements up to date for your growing business and helps improve your rankings in the search results.

Use alt tags

Alt Tags are an important step to getting your website listed on, or any major search engine. The Alt tag is like a title, without punctuation or capitalization. Alt tags are the only other information that the search engine will use with your image to produce a description for a search result.

The alt-text has become increasingly important as it is often the only content that screen readers and speech-based search engines will use. Although Google does not technically ‘use’ alt text, they do use keywords within it to specify images throughout their product pages.


Requiring a website and an effective search engine ranking strategy is no longer optional in today’s competitive market.

Due to the importance that both consumers and business owners place on the use of a website as a tool to reach new customers, having one has become paramount for every type of business. This allows customers to learn more about what you are offering and to obtain further information they may need.

Most importantly, it allows customers to make purchases from you, which ultimately results in increased profits for you. Use these tips above and see your site competing for the top spot in search engines.

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