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At SEO Brighton, our marketing and business process professionals are ready to help you succeed. Join us as a partner and we will help you generate more business, improve your processes and deliver projects. On the copywriting side, our writers engage readers by simplifying complex topics and infusing creativity.


With a team of copywriters with decades of combined experience in marketing strategy and advertising agencies, we create custom content that is tailored to your target market’s needs—creating irresistible messaging for any occasion.

The brands we work with are disruptive brands that deserve more than just the best: they deserve the very best when it comes to communication strategies!

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What We Do

We see the world as a place where people can make decisions for themselves. We believe that each person should have all of the information they need to take care of their own needs, and we work hard towards providing information and solutions to diverse business scenarios.

This is what drives us to create innovative SEO solutions which help buyers easily identify products based on their specific goals so that no one will ever be left in the dark again about how best to meet those needs!

Let us show you what our team has accomplished for other companies just like yours because it’s time for your company to take on new heights with confidence!

What Makes SEO Brighton Different from Other SEO Agencies?

Is your SEO strategy ready for the new age of search? In a world where Google and other search engines are becoming more sophisticated, factors like authority and credibility will become increasingly critical to performance. A recent study has found that people don’t just rely upon rankings anymore when they make purchase decisions – instead research is being conducted about how trustworthy or credible certain brands might be as output from their marketing efforts (or lack thereof).

The implications here are huge: If consumers have trouble trusting what’s put out there by these companies then businesses won’t get visibility. This means that if you want to stay in front of potential customers on top-of-the-line keywords, it’s time to invest not only in ranking well but also in managing reputation online. Brands also need to be aware of new trends in SEO and must stay updated on the latest developments. The strategies used today are much more complex, with many moving parts that all work together as a unified brand experience.

They also have to take into account features like voice search and featured snippets so they’re prepared for changes in how users interact with their website or app.

Once brands know what’s expected from them by Google, it’ll make things easier because everything will be set up properly on the technical side too!

At SEO Brighton, we know that your business is unique and requires a personalised approach. When you hire our team to work on marketing for your company, we listen carefully to the goals of your project in order to come up with an effective strategy tailored specifically for you.

The following are some of the things that make us different from our competitors:

We provide more personal attention to clients

A successful SEO strategy begins with a deep understanding of your challenges, objectives and target audience. Our employee-client ratio allows us to dedicate more time to each account we work on so our strategies are aligned with their brand values and intent from the target audiences perspective. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with our dedicated team of specialists who will be constantly monitoring your keywords for any signs of changes. So if you ever find yourself overwhelmed, simply reach out and we’ll immediately take care of the issue!

Clients like to know they’re safe when it comes to their online marketing. That’s why clients have a designated specialist always watching over them- ready at all times should something happen or an opportunity arises. If anything does go wrong though, don’t worry about reaching out because this is what we do best; as soon as there has been even a hint of change on one client account then everyone else gets notified too so nothing falls through the cracks!

At Brighton SEO services, you can expect weekly or biweekly calls

We don’t want to be a company you just call when the going gets tough and then never hear from again.

We believe it is important for us to stay in contact with our clients, no matter what kind of service we offer them or how large their account size may be. This allows us not only to get feedback on your experience but also ensures that we are always staying focused on getting things done right!

We’re always looking to improve, so we’ll be checking in with you on a weekly or biweekly basis. We want it clear for everyone – clients and the team alike – which way things are moving forward because that’s what matters most!

SEO Services

  • 01Keyword Research
  • 02Local SEO
  • 03Natrual Language (NLP)
  • 04Intent Based SEO
  • 05Tech SEO Audit
  • 06Topic Analysis

Our comprehensive strategies are proven by case studies.

Our website marketing and SEO services are tailored to meet your specific needs. From social media management, content creation, conversion optimization strategies like A/B testing or pay per click campaigns to organic search engine improvements with keyword research, our team is here from start-to-finish when it comes time for a digital branding campaign that will maximize leads and customer conversions.

We provide all of these essential eCommerce web development tools as part of an integrated solution designed around achieving one goal: driving more traffic through better rankings on Google’s SERP results pages.

This strategy not only brings new customers into your store but also converts them at higher rates than ever before – increasing. Our team of SEO experts know that a successful campaign requires more than just ranking on Google.

That’s why we don’t simply offer one-dimensional services like SEO optimization, but also provide social media and content marketing expertise for maximum results. Do you want to rank on the first page? We can help! Our team has an understanding of how SEO services integrate with social media, content marketing, PPC ads and CRO.

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Transparent and customised reporting

SEO Brighton is a bespoke SEO company that strives to provide the best performance and custom reports for each organisation. We are different from other companies because we have an in-depth understanding of what makes your campaigns successful, rather than applying generic recommendations on every account as most competitors do.

At SEO Brighton, we make sure we provide custom reports based on the key performance indicators of your organisation. We want to be able to show you how your SEO services are driving campaign metrics like traffic, conversions, and returns-on-investment. This way, it’s easier for you as a customer to make an informed decision about which company best meets your needs.

What You’ll Benefit When You Join Us

SEO Brighton is more than just an office. It’s a passion project that we share with our clients and coworkers in order to grow their business as much as possible!

We don’t let the 9-to-5 mentality hold us back, which means you won’t have any of that here either. At SEO Brighton, your work will never feel routine or mundane because innovation drives everything from marketing strategies down to distribution plans.

You can have your own schedule.

No need to be stuck in a cubicle all day, the way you work can fit your preferences. Work from home or at an office with flexible hours and choose when you want to take time off! Just make sure that during business hours, we get your best effort every single minute of those days.

There won’t be any bureaucracy.

Through direct, open feedback most people are too scared or lazy to provide, we’ll help you become one of the sharpest minds in SEO planning and writing. And no bureaucracy! There is nothing that will stop you from becoming the master wordsmith that you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll be able to make an impact.

The clients we work with are actually concerned about how their products and services affect the world. We will never ask you to write for a brand that has questionable ethics. But we know there are some amazing brands out there who want expert content creators with strong values like yours!

We’re looking for writers just like you!

Brands That Trust Us



SEO Brighton is here to help you with all your SEO needs, so whether that be fixing technical errors or developing a content strategy for the perfect audience. We know SEO can seem like a daunting task sometimes but luckily we have years of experience and expertise in this area!

You want people to find your website – so we’ll make sure it’s optimized for Google and other search engine crawlers. From there, we’ll identify the best keywords in your niche that will deliver the highest value for your business! We’ll start by fixing all the technical errors that are currently preventing those who browse your site from converting. From there, we’ll use a variety of tools to identify and optimize keywords in order to help drive sales for you!


Boosting your search performance is the best way to increase foot traffic. By optimizing for keywords and generating a compelling page, you can bring in more high-intent customers who are looking near their location with “near me” searches on Google Maps or searching within the map app itself.

Our goal at Brighton SEO is getting our clients’ businesses onto the map so they can reap these benefits of increased interest from potential customers!

The first step will be to optimize your Google My Business profile and synchronize it with the rest of your business listings. Once our setup is complete, we will start evaluating what other local businesses are doing to establish credibility with our potential customers.

This will involve locating your competitors who rank higher than you, as well as obtaining reviews from customers who have had a great experience with your service.


To reach local audiences in a foreign language, you’ll need to develop a strategy as your company expands overseas. Translating some SEO content may be possible, but understanding readers’ search intentions or what search terms they use to find information is very difficult.

Our multilingual SEO Brighton consultants provide customers with engaging experiences no matter where they are located or what language they speak.


With Google’s commitment to serving users the most relevant answers and their initiative to fight fake news in order for brands not only to retain but gather new customers’ trust, reputation is becoming a bigger piece of the SEO puzzle.

Ranking higher on SERPs relies heavily now more than ever upon links from high-ranking websites or niche directories as well as content that comes with authoritative sources like Wikipedia articles or industry leaders blogs.


For organizations that could use some guidance, SEO Brighton offers the perfect solution to develop, implement and optimize an organic search strategy.

With documentation describing everything from workflows to metrics and channel strategies tailored specifically for your business, we will audit internal processes, provide recommendations and provide hands-on implementation support.


Our e-commerce SEO team will optimise your site for a variety of platforms to promote increased traffic and conversions. Our experts will create an engaging experience that attracts qualified customers, whilst maintaining the user’s privacy and security at all times.

We use strategies such as website marketing, social media management or email campaigns in order to gain visibility across different channels so you can be found by new audiences on their preferred platform – whether it’s desktop computer browsing, mobile phone surfing or online shopping via tablet device!

How to Apply

We want to see the real you. We stress creativity and individuality more than anything else, so don’t be afraid to show off your personal style with an interesting resume that speaks as much about who you are as it does what skillset you possess!

Send us a link below or email: writers@SEO

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