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Whether you’re looking to expand your business in Brighton or just want to get a firm grip on your own company’s online strategy, we’ll design and create a tailor-made PPC plan for you.

Looking for the right agency to help grow your company?

SEO Brighton will tailor-make a PPC campaign for your business depending on your goals, increasing your online presence in Brighton and other target locations, helping you to generate more leads. Since 2000, we’ve been building brands with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and other paid search platforms.

We provide all the PPC services needed to run an effective PPC campaign. Our Google and Bing certified PPC Account Managers ensure that your paid campaign will be managed in accordance with the latest industry standards.


Our pre-campaign research helps determine what channels are most appropriate for your business needs, and identifies your online competition as well as establishing a budget for you to effectively compete.

These characteristics have helped us remain a top pay per click agency in Brighton. Get a free analysis of your PPC account.

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We’ll help you do PPC right in Brighton

No matter what industry your business is in, paying for online advertising is an essential part of many marketing plans. However, it can be a bit of a minefield working out the best way to go about it, and the right settings for different advertising platforms.

SEO Brighton is a leading authority on all things paid search and have years of experience helping clients maximise their online advertising efforts. Our expert knowledge and insight take the headaches out of SEO campaign management, meaning you can focus on your business and not your ads.

We have been growing brands with paid search campaigns for over a decade, and as a Google and Bing trusted partners, our in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and levers under the surface of the channels means we know just how to utilise them to get the best results for your brand.

Why PPC from SEO Brighton for your brand?

PPC advertising is a great way to instantly reach new customers and gain exposure for your business. You can reduce the time it takes to get targeted traffic to your site while increasing your profit margins long-term by reducing your advertising cost.

Using pay per click marketing, you can get instant traffic to your website, which makes it an ideal marketing tool for both big brands and small businesses. PPC is mostly synonymous with Google Ads, the largest platform in the industry.

Paid ads provide you with immediate visibility on Google’s search results pages since they are extremely crowded. You can increase traffic, leads, and clicks to your website by working with a lead PPC agency like SEO Brighton.

By encompassing Google Search, Google Display Ad, and Bing and other PPC platforms we use, we help your brand make the most of your PPC advertising budget.

Benefits of working with SEO Brighton PPC Service

Millions of businesses and individuals use Google Adwords every year to advertise products, services or brand messages online. PPC advertising is a cost per click model meaning you only pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.

Advertising can be an extremely effective method of reaching out to new customers with targeted marketing messages and can help increase sales conversion rates.

SEO Brighton aims to provide the best possible value for money paid search services for businesses in Brighton.

With expert PPC services from SEO Brighton, your business is guaranteed the following benefits:

  • An instant 40% increase in clicks and traffic.
  • Rank above your competitors with first-page Google SERPs exposure.
  • Close monitor and optimisation of your lead generation and traffic generation.
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Accurate tracking of visitors and conversions
  • Pay attention to your best-performing keywords and allocate more budget to them

In addition to attracting new customers quickly, paid search can also contribute to the long-term improvement of your organic search campaign and ultimately lead to better long-run traffic to your website.

Any existing PPC campaign you set up will be reviewed by our in-house PPC specialists for optimizations to improve results.

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SEO Services

  • 01Keyword Research
  • 02Local SEO
  • 03Natrual Language (NLP)
  • 04Intent Based SEO
  • 05Tech SEO Audit
  • 06Topic Analysis

PPC Management: Our Approach

Market research

Taking the time to conduct a keyword, display, social and competitor analysis allows us to get an accurate picture of the opportunity available. We look at all aspects of the search marketing landscape including the technical setup of each campaign as well as any old campaigns that need cleaning up.

We want to make sure we are setting up new campaigns and polishing existing ones in order to maximize potential performance from the start. This also helps us determine if opportunities exist for diversifying our client’s online marketing presence.

Keyword research

Keywords play an important role in the success of paid search campaigns. These are the words and phrases used in a Google search to find information. Selecting the right keywords with accurate match types will help us to place your ad in front of your target audience, encouraging more clicks, purchases, and conversions.

The process of determining the intent of your audience’s search behaviour is a science and an art. Understanding the importance of key phrase selection is crucial to maximizing return on investment. We will provide valuable insight into how you can narrow down your options and select the best keywords for your business, driving the highest amount of qualified traffic for your budget.

Determining your brand audience

Connecting your business with the right audiences begins by going beyond keywords and analysing your users’ online behaviour.

Develop a strategy and a plan

We build your strategy based on your goals. We interview your current and potential customers, run customer surveys and focus groups, conduct competitive research and analytics on your industry to help understand the landscape better.

We then consult with you to create a bespoke strategy that suits your needs.

Advert copy

Tests are run on ads and landing pages to discover which combination of words, images, colours and overall design will get the most attention.

Campaign structures

Our approach to PPC management is rooted in our expertise and experience in search engine marketing, coupled with an understanding of the unique challenges associated with managing mobile campaigns.

This combination equips us with the knowledge needed to help you build campaign structures that are suitable for your needs and maximize campaign performance.

Bid management

Bidding strategies are the key to finding success in AdWords. While your strategy will depend largely on your budget, niche and customer needs, there are several expert approaches we take into consideration at SEO Brighton when working with an AdWords account.

Execute campaigns

Our team of professional, in-house PPC managers run your campaigns, working to ensure the right keywords are being utilised in the most cost-effective way.

Our years of experience in PPC has given us a clear understanding of how to get the best ROI from the campaign. We use leading strategies, including pay-per-click advertising coupled with search engine optimisation, and expertise to ensure ROI is maximised.

Analysis, evaluation, and improvement

You want to be able to manage and track your PPC campaigns accurately and for that, you need reliable data. For most of our clients, we are the sole PPC account manager on their team while others depend on us for weekly reports or ad hoc assistance as needed.

Our clients are typically small business owners with a low to medium budget who want to focus on the rest of their business rather than spending time managing their AdWords campaigns.

We help them focus on marketing & delivering results rather than learning new software or wasting time on a tool that doesn’t work right.

Our Paid Media Platforms

  • Google
  • Google Display Network
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • YouTube
  • Yandex
  • Video 360
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Baidu
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
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How We Connect

Marketing is an ever-changing field with new tactics coming out all the time. SEO Brighton stays on top of the latest trends so that we can always be on the cutting edge of marketing. We believe in providing our clients with a holistic marketing approach, ultimately culminating in a strategy that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

To someone who is unfamiliar with the marketing technology landscape, it can seem like a maze. Our clients benefit from our expertise in navigating it, ensuring that their digital investment contributes to their overall objectives. The result is unmatched, personal, immersive experiences that not only connect with customers but ensures that they do as well.

Our Expertise

As Google’s online advertising offerings become increasingly robust, many small and mid-sized businesses are discovering that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can help them achieve greater success. At SEO Brighton we take a fundamentally different approach to PPC services than most of our competitors – our core offering is the management of your campaign.

We don’t do or provide any proprietary products, so you don’t have to worry about switching to a new vendor when your needs change. Instead, we focus on refining your overall campaign and delivering actual results for you.

The management of paid search campaigns requires significant expertise. We have it, evidenced by our 93% retention rate and sustained growth in annual spending and market share. Whether you are a small, growing start-up company or a large, well-established business, we have the skills and experience to bring your campaign to life.

On average, our clients see an ROI of over 100% from their PPC campaigns, typically in under 90 days. If you are looking for regular monthly savings on your advertising spend then contact us today to find out how we can help you generate more leads and customers.

Our PPC Services

Paid search

Utilize the latest SEO strategies to grow your brand. With expert paid search management, you can grow your business.

Paid social

Connect on the platforms your audience prefers. Take advantage of all the possibilities that the right channels offer.

Google shopping

Make sales-driven campaigns your focus. Create an entirely targeted Google Shopping campaign.


Target highly targeted audiences with your story. Boost brand recognition and video content with customised video campaigns.


Keep the conversation going. Retargeting strategies tailored to your audience’s behaviour will keep them coming back for more.


Develop a compelling eCommerce strategy. Using a simplified purchase process, we’ll help you drive action.

Lead generation

Produce qualified, high-quality leads. We’ll bring you your next customer using our proven tactics.


Talk the language of your market. Our goal is to ensure that your chosen audience has the perfect conversation.

Display network

Make yourself heard and start a conversation. We’ll provide you with enticing creativity to connect with your audience.

Brands That Trust Us

Why should you choose SEO Brighton to grow your brand?

Unmatched global digital growth opportunities

Our passion is making brands grow. We’re experts in online marketing with a proven track record of developing scalable growth strategies to win market share and generate revenue, both online and offline. By focusing on the needs of our clients, we become a partner in their success, working closely to enhance their business.

Our services range from a digital strategy that delivers real ROI through SEO, SEA, PPC, Social Media and Online PR, to Account Management support which ensures campaigns are delivered successfully. Our Integrated Marketing approach combines digital with traditional media to deliver the best ROI for your brand.

Our clients are brands with existing paid media campaigns, who want to understand the channel better, improve market performance and ensure their brand really connects with local audiences – no matter the language.

Paid search advertising is a powerful driver of traffic, qualified leads, and conversions. However, managing paid campaigns can be overwhelming and time consuming without the right resources. The team at Brighton SEO can take over your PPC management to free you up to do what you do best: run your business.


SEO Brighton provides the latest in pay-per-click management that will work for you and your business objectives. Our team of talented Paid search consultants know how to integrate SEO strategy into the PPC management work we do for you.

SEO Brighton has a unique, data-driven approach – We analyse the data behind your campaign and then provide you with insights on where to go next. As your business changes so can your campaign, and we pride ourselves on our willingness to adapt and develop to meet these changing needs.

Working with SEO Brighton means that you’ll benefit from insight-driven campaigns. Our dedicated, experienced account managers work at the heart of our Brighton office and have a deep understanding of both national and local markets, brands and consumer trends.


All of your marketing activity should be based around a foundation of data, insight and strategy, otherwise, you’ll be driving in the dark. We like to keep our campaigns focused on what works, and we particularly enjoy the creative side.

We create bespoke, creativity-driven campaigns that streamline your conversion funnel. We work with you to optimise every aspect of your website and business to ensure the most effective campaign possible.

Strategy is key. Our team of experienced PPC specialists will focus your campaigns on the right keywords and audiences, we’ll work with you to identify new keyword opportunities to maximise your budget and make the most of your investment in advertising. We’ll stay out of your way but will provide you with regular performance reports as well as consult on any changes you’d like to make.

PPC Management with SEO Brighton will ensure the best possible return on investment. We tailor our PPC services to your business goals, always keeping your business needs at the heart of our decision making.

Campaign management

Our attention to detail and our constant review means we keep your accounts running smoothly. Our proactive approach means we can change and react to changes in the search landscape, in ways that competitors cannot. Our process of building campaigns from insight-led strategy allows us to select the right tactics to grow your brand.

Our experienced PPC analysts actively and strategically manage your Google campaigns on a regular basis to ensure you get the best results. This is firstly achieved by a process of identifying low performing keywords and grouping them into more relevant, better-targeted ad groups to improve standardised click-through rates (CTR).

We also take a deep dive into analysing and optimising not just keywords but also Ad Extensions as well as those higher up the funnel: the landing pages. The PPC management team at SEO Brighton provides you with access to the worlds largest and most powerful advertising platforms to market your campaigns, provide detailed analysis reports and a wealth of useful information.

SEO Brighton is the answer to your search for a trusted and value-driven PPC partner

Discover how we can help you‌ with your PPC goals today. Contact us to schedule a discovery consultation.

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